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How to Set-up the New Zune MP3 Player You Got For Christmas

It seems as though everyone got a new Zune for Christmas! If you were one of the (un)lucky ones who got a Zune instead of an iPod, you will probably need to get everything setup. You could go the standard route and read the manual, or be smart and read our guide right here.

christmas baby getting zune "That's not a Zune, is it?!"

Step #1: Say Thanks.

Write a thank you note to the person who bought you the Zune, thanking them for the "mp3 player." Not everyone knows that the Zune is the inferior product, so don't retaliate by sending the gift giver in question a lifetime supply of fruit cakes.

Step #2: Pack It Up.

If you opened the Zune's box, go ahead and pack everything back into it - it's time to return and exchange it! If the gift came with a "gift receipt" you can head back to the store, but if not, just go to Wal-Mart. They accept just about any returns. (And with all the people looking to return Zunes right about now, the customer service rep won't have the time or energy to question whether or not this Zune came from Wal-Mart.)

Step #3: Return It.

When you're sure that your Zune-buying relative is not around, head to Wal-Mart and return the Zune. You can probably come up your own reason for the return, but just in case, you could try "It's totally lame," "It's not an iPod," or even "Everyone on Digg will make fun of me for buying a Microsoft product."

Step #4: Get the iPod.

Now that you have a store credit or cash back, grab the iPod you really wanted. Try to get the same color as the Zune you returned.

Step #5: Enjoy the iPod.

Now you should be heading home with a quality MP3 player. Enjoy it.

And if your relative ever asks how you like your new MP3 player, tell them the truth - that you love it. It's not a lie, because chances are, they won't mention anything about the "Zune" specifically. (I mean, if they were clueless enough to buy the Zune, they won't notice the difference even if they see your iPod.)


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy (Zune-Free) New Year!


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