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How to Set-up Your New Zune MP3 Player (www.zune.net/setup)

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It seems a lot of people have been checking out the Zune for the past couple years, and now everyone got a new Zune for Christmas! If you happened to get a Zune instead of an iPod, you will probably need to read the manual to get everything setup. You could go the standard route and head to www.zune.net/setup, or be smart and read our guide right here. (A lot of people were having trouble with the standard zune.net/setup instructions.)

(Beforehand, it would help to have a Zune with a freshly charged battery, a PC, a sync cable, and a Windows Live ID, which could be from a hotmail account.)

Zune Setup Step #1: Download Software.

OK, so you still have to go to www.zune.net/setup to download the latest software that you'll install on your computer.

Zune Setup Step #2: Install Software.

Now, install the software. Just click the installation icon, accept the license agreement, and it gets going.

Zune Setup Step #3: Connect the Zune.

Here comes the tricky part - getting your Zune connected and configured to work with your computer. Start by connecting your Zune to your PC with the included sync cable (when prompted.) Then sync the Zune with the library on your PC. (Just follow a few simple prompts and click the recommended configuration.)

Zune Setup Step #4: Personalize your Zune.

"Tag" the Zune with your screen name and connect it to your Windows Live account (possibly your "@hotmail.com" email.)

Zune Setup Step #5: Buy stuff.

Once your Zune is synced to your computer with the software, then you can load the Zune store, buy Microsoft points, and download music.

* If you get errors or your system crashes during the install, try uninstalling and starting over. Unfortunately these problems happen too often with Microsoft products...


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