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Synchronize Your Playlists on the Sandisk Sansa Clip

This short guide will cover how to synchronize your Sansa Clip with the files and playlists on your computer (i.e. in Windows Media Player.)

Synchronize Through Windows Media Player

The easiest way to synchronize your Sansa Clip is through Windows Media Player (WMP.)

The first thing you want to do is make sure all your MP3 and WMA music files on your computer are in the Windows Media Player Library. To do that, open WMP and click the "Library" button and choose "Add to Library." Then WMP will search your hard drive and add all the music files to its library.

Second, create some playlists in WMP. (This is optional, but I prefer having separate playlists instead of having all my music grouped together by artist and album.) To do this, click "Create Playlist" and then simply drag and drop music from the library onto the playlist.

Now we can connect the Sansa Clip to the computer via USB. Your computer should recognize it instantly.

Open Windows Media Player again and this time, click "Sync." A panel will open up and you can drag your files, folders, and/or playlists into this panel. Then at the bottom of the panel, click "Start Sync." Then all your music should sync automatically!

*Exact instructions will vary depending on which version of Windows Media Player you have. You will click the same buttons, but they could be located in different spots.


How to Use iTunes to Synchronize Your Sansa Clip

If you plan to sync with iTunes, the first thing to do is make sure your music is in MP3 or WMA format - the AAC format used by iPods will not play on the Sansa Clip.

Then you can try to sync your iTunes playlists to the Clip. However, I would skip iTunes all together and try MediaMonkey (see below.)


How to Use Synchronize Your Sansa Clip with MediaMonkey

Don't like Apple or Microsoft products? Then download the free program, MediaMonkey.

Setup is typical - add your music to the library and then connect your Clip to the computer.

Right-click on your Clip in MediaMonkey and select "Properties." Then choose which files/folders/playlists to sync.

Then click "Sync Device" and it takes care of everything.

After the initial setup, you can update your player by connecting it, opening MediaMonkey, right-clicking, and selecting "Auto sync." That's it. Then it updates automatically.


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