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Sandisk Sansa Clip Questions, Problems, and Solutions

Here are answers and solutions to some issues we've seen with the Sansa Clip.

My Sansa Clip Keeps Asking me to Synchronize!

This problem usually occurs when you are synchronizing your Sansa Clip through a music download service, such as Rhapsody. The problem is that the protected music files need to be updated at least once per month or else they will not play, and you will get this error message.

The best thing to do is to keep your licenses fresh, or at least update them before you sync to your Clip. Usually you can do this by selecting "Update Tracks" or "Renew Licenses" through the menu bar in your program. (In Rhapsody, you select "Update Track Licenses" from the top menu.)


I can't Synchronize my Sansa Clip

Try reading our guide to synchronizing your Sansa Clip.


Sansa Clip Cannot Copy Files

First, make sure that the Clip is recognized by your computer. If so, you should be able to copy files from your hard drive directly onto the Clip. Otherwise, try the Sync function through Windows Media Player.

Second, make sure the files you are copying are indeed MP3 or WMA files. Other files, such as AAC files from iTunes, are not supported.

If none of that works, you may need to switch the USB mode on your Clip.


I need the best speakers and accessories.

You're in luck. We have a complete list of Sansa Clip accessories, including speakers.


Need help getting music for my Sansa Clip.

There are a variety of ways to get music for your Sansa Clip:

You could use Windows Media Player to "Rip" music from your existing CD collection, which you could then add to the Clip.

Or you could try one of the many legal download sources online, such as Rhapsody.


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