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Sandisk SDMX1 256 MB MP3 Player Review

One day I happened to see an MP3 player at Amazon.com for $17. That's right, $17.

It looked pretty plain, but had good reviews, and I figured it was worth a shot. Turns out it was refurbished, hence the low price, but nothing wrong with that. (The player had a 4 star rating from 179 reviews!)

So I ordered it!

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Manufacturer Product Description

A small, portable player that uses embedded flash memory instead of a rotating hard drive and plays for up to 15 continuous hours on a single AAA battery. The new Digital Audio Players combine crystal-clear sound with a sleek design and sport a three-button/one-joystick design and easy-to-navigate user interface. They feature MP3, Windows Media file and Windows Media-based DRM file playback, FM radio and voice recording and can double as a USB data storage device.

My Experience

So far this has been a superb player. I can't believe it was so cheap!

It was simple to setup, and transferring files is a snap; you just connect it to your computer via USB and drag and drop what you want. You don't need any extra software.

It comes with decent ear buds and an arm band, although I personally prefer a belt clip. It's nice and small though, and very light. The joystick navigation is great and makes it extremely easy to operate with one hand, without looking at it.

Another nice thing with the screen is that it is always on. Any time you glance at the screen, you'll see the song information, volume level, etc. Some other players either don't have a screen at all or they have screens that go into standy mode, which doesn't seem like a big deal, but it gets annoying after a while.

The battery life is pretty good, too. It uses AAA batteries so you don't have to worry about an internal rechargeable battery going bad, and you can still get the benefits by using rechargeable AAA batteries. One is even included!

If you can find one of these for $20 or so, pick it up! It's worth it, even if it's just for a second (or third) MP3 player. Use it when you're active or somewhere you could lose your expensive iPod!

Product Manual:

Click here to download the product manual.


This is a great MP3 player. The only downside is that it only holds 256 MB. Otherwise, I love it. If it held 2 GB, I might like it even more than my Sansa Clip (also from Sandisk.)

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