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Rio MP3 Player Reviews

Here are reviews of the multiple models, including the new Carbon.

Specifically designed with runners in mind, the Rio Sport S30S is small, durable, lightweight, and dependable. Offering an hour of skip-free music, this digital player has 64MB of internal memory that is expandable to 576 MB using SD or MMC memory cards.

A fast USB connection allows quick and easy downloading of MP3 or WMA digital music right into your player. A convenient carrying case with a belt clip and an adjustable armband make it the perfect running companion. Featuring an FM tuner with 8 presets, the Rio Sport offers the rare hybrid of MP3 and FM tuner capabilities. However, the reception on the FM tuner isn�t too great. In addition, the earphones are comfortable but rather inflexible, prompting the purchase of a different pair.

Requiring only 1 AAA-size battery that lasts for up to15 hours, the Rio Sport uses batteries efficiently. With unparalleled durability, the Rio can be dropped without the threat of significant damage.

Other alluring features include a clock, a stopwatch, backlit display, and random/repeat play options. Most importantly, the Rio�s prominent feature is its lightweight, small size. It�s small enough to snugly clip onto your running shorts without getting in the way at all. However, the buttons are big enough so that settings can easily be adjusted while you�re out breezing through a 5 mile run.

I give it 4.5 stars out of 5!
Review by Pat Reardon, competitive runner

Here's a home version of an mp3 player. It's a little more advanced than most home players, though. To start, it offers 40 GB of space which is enough to store about 6,500 songs. You can load a CD and it will catalog it along with the artist's name, album title, and song titles. It also has a built-in 56k modem so that you can connect to the internet. The advanced search features will allow you to find all this music quickly and easily. Then use the music to create unlimited playlists, and transfer them to Rio portable devices through a USB connection. MP3 and WMA formats are supported, and the unit can be upgraded to include new digital audio standards if the need arises. A full-function remote control comes standard.

Why bother switching CDs all the time when you can have all your music in one place?

Rio Carbon 5 GB

Sporting an ultrathin and tapered design and with 25 percent more memory than iPod Mini, this tiny MP3 player--about the size of a business card--will slide into any pocket, virtually unnoticeable. The Rio Carbon is capable of holding up to 80 hours of MP3 music (160 hours of WMA), and with up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, music lovers need not worry about running out of juice. Supporting USB 2.0 and a host of file formats, users can download music efficiently and easily from most of their favorite online music sites. The Rio Carbon also includes voice recording and provides seamless integration and support of both the Windows and Mac platforms.