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iAudio X5 MP3 Player Review

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin who has finally seen the light and is going to get an mp3 player. (He's been using a mini-disc player.)

He's really into electronics, especially video game systems, so he was looking for something high-tech. An iPod Photo would seem like a good choice... unless you've seen the iAudio!

(Click the link to the left to check it out at Amazon.com)

Amazon.com Product Description:

Sturdy, versatile, and remarkably compact, given its voluminous storage capacity, iAudio's X5 portable multimedia device is sure to be a hit. The 30 GB audio/video player and recorder can store about 7,500 songs (4 minutes each, 128 kbps) in a nearly unparalleled choice of formats, from MP3 and WMA to linear (uncompressed, CD-quality) WAV files, Ogg Vorbis files (which sound a bit better than MP3 for files of comparable size), as well as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec, compressed but designed for 1:1 encode/decode). The X5 can recognize up to 2,000 folders and 10,000 individual files, and its super power-saving circuit provides up to 14 hours continuous playback on a full charge.

Coolest of all? You can import photos taken from most digital cameras and view them on the player's 160 x 128-pixel, 260,000-color TFT LCD thanks to OTG ("on the go"), the player's USB host feature. Create your own logo or download logos from the iAudio web site. You can also set a picture of your choosing as wallpaper.

The player also offers FM radio listening and recording (with one-touch tuning presets), audio recording through either a built-in microphone or analog line-in input terminals, and the ability to read text as well as images--you can even view text, though not images, while listening to music.

Use the included JetAudio software to convert various video files to MPEG-4 (up to 15 fps), then enjoy the transcoded video files on the X5. Another program, JetShell, performs CD ripping and file conversion and facilitates music playback.

The X5 provides direct encoding, too, by which you can capture the output of an external audio device. This means you connect the output terminal of an external audio device to the recording (input) terminal of the X5 using a bidirectional stereo cable (supplied), letting you load material from components like a DVD player, a cassette deck, a minidisc player, a turntable, or a TV.

And, with the unit's built-in, high-fidelity microphone, the X5 can record speech with the quality of dedicated voice recorders--perfect for important meetings, lectures, and notes to self.

Onboard sound processing includes BBE Sound enhancement, BBE Mach3Bass, MP Enhance (designed to compensate for sound lost in MP3 compression), a 5-band adjustable equalizer, and 3D Surround (3-dimensional sound that gives the sound a wide sense of space).


► iAudio also makes the U2 mp3 player, with 512 mb, 1 gb, or 2 gb of storage.