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The Latest MP3 Player News and Rumors

With the mp3 player market changing constantly, you have to be on top of your game! Here is new news from the MP3 world:

New MP3 Player Releases for 2012

As per the norm, Apple is leading the way this year with their Apple iPod Touch 64 GB leading the way in features and popularity. This $365 device does it all - music, videos, internet browsing, games, even phone calls! Yep, you can place video calls and use Skype on your iPod with ease. Thanks to the two cameras, it's just like using FaceTime on the iPhone.

Personally my favorite feature is the flash-based storage. I avoided iPods for years since the larger ones used internal hard drives, and I always worried about that. Nowadays you get a whopping 64GB storage space that won't skip and is virtually impossible to damage with normal use.

The only disappointment is that there's no true radio on here. Call me a traditionalist, but I just think that an mp3 player should include a radio. The radio would be there out in the wilderness when Pandora and Spotify aren't available. But, some kids these days don't even know what a radio is, so I guess it's not a big deal. Overall, it's a great device.

A perennial iPod competitor, Cowon is still up there this year with its Cowon D3 Plenue mp3 player running the Android operating system. If you are looking for great features and the ability to play any type of file format (rather than being limited to specific Apple formats,) this could be your best bet.

The screen is huge by mp3 player standards, so you can browse the web and watch movies and actually enjoy it! Yep, the AMOLED display does 1080p video, so don't think it can't handle HD! I'd take this over the iPod display, seriously. There's room for storage with the 32GB space.

When it comes to features, this does almost everything. It does phone calls over the WiFi connection, games and movies, music, any Android app you want, a radio, and more. Unfortunately, you will miss out on video calls since there's no camera.

Similar to the D3 Plenue but not as polished, is the Creative ZEN XFi-2. This is a similar unit, but it lacks features such as Android apps and super high quality video playback.

This ZEN does offer 64GB flash storage though, whereas most other devices (barring the iPod) stop at 32GB. So if you are a longtime fan of Creative Labs and their Zen lineup, you might like this new one.

Last but not least, the latest addition to my favorite lineup is the SanDisk Sansa Fuze +. This is a nice, compact MP3 player that's surprisingly high on storage space at 16GB (and up to 48GB using the expansion slot.) And it comes in at a low price, under $100.

This is great for an athlete who wants a small, lightweight player that can handle a workout or long run outdoors, and not break the bank if it falls into a mud puddle. Not everyone will like the touch pad though, so try it before you buy it.

News posted July 2012

MP3 Player or iPod?

Do you want an mp3 player or do you already know you want an iPod?

Apple has been coming out with new stuff and I doubt they will stop. If you are interested in their stuff, just head over to the Apple store, "ooh" and "awe" over everything and then choose the iPod for you. (Which might be tough, considering the number of different models these days!)

Not into the whole iPod thing? Don't worry, there are still plenty of options open, even some superior ones (although many iPod fans will beg to differ.) Look into players by Creative, iAudio, and Rio.

News posted 2005

File formats

You're not really getting an mp3 player. You're getting an MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, and/or ALTRAC player. iPods play AAC files while Sony's players use ALTRAC. These two formats coincide with iTunes and Sony Connect, the digital download services. And of course, Sony music only plays on Sony players and so on.

That should give you one reason to find a player by someone like iAudio.

Hand in hand with music format is the music management software. iTunes is clearly the easiest to use, but there are other good ones, and some terrible ones.

And going back to the iAudio point, think about photo and video. If that's something you're looking for, the iAudio X5 is the way to go.

News posted 2004

What about an FM tuner?

Yeah, most mp3 players have these, and they are great... Great to remind you why it was worth paying so much for the mp3 player! (Are there any good free radio stations these days?)

One final thing... mp3 phones. Although it's tempting to get the latest and greatest, these are still in the early stages. Meaning, high prices and low reliability. Keep your phone and mp3 player separate, at least for now.

News posted 2003