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MP3-Player-Guide.com About Us

My name is Frankie Wilkinson and I bought my very first mp3 player in 2003. I thought it was so cool that I started this website immediately, and the rest is history! I have been enjoying testing and writing about mp3 players for nearly a decade now.

I have always liked gadgets and listening to music, but it wasn't until the mp3 player era that I really got into it. Now I wear my mp3 player while running and weight lifting, and I carry it around for anytime I might get bored. I never hesitate to talk about it or even ask strangers for their opinion on whatever device they happen to be using. (About 70% of the time it seems to be an iPod though...)

That reminds, I should point out that I have a slight bias against iPods. They are too mainstream and I like to be different, that's all! (I still think they are nice, they're just not my style.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my creation, MP3-Player-Guide.com.

Stay as long as you like and come back anytime.